About Us

Our Mission


To amplify the impact of social equity and environmental change efforts by networking the movement itself, and to develop demonstrations of how our urban and societal systems could be structured differently to support all Life far better. 

Our Partners


The GREEN Program, Coded by Kids, Comcast, Code for Philly, Drexel University's Sustainability in the Building Environment Program, Philadelphia University's Masters in Sustainable Design, Praxis - Building Solutions, and more...

Our Team


Click here to learn more about the people at the center of this effort to grow the connective tissue of our ecosystem. 




Initially setting out to fulfill our mission, it became clear that the emerging instrument of coworking could set a great foundation (literally, sort of) for building a real community out of the fragmented sustainability movement. 



The GREEN Program Scholarship


Sustainability Nexus has partnered with this amazing Benefit Corp to create a scholarship fund that will allow folks that couldn't otherwise afford their trips to have these transformative experiences.  Check 'em out here!



We've lead design and are fiscal sponsor for this incredible living laboratory for how we can support our citizens with every level of needs far more effectively, and create regenerative living cities while we're at it. Check it out: http://ramboland.com

A Self-Directing Movement


Navigating is easier with a map. Starting with mapping what we can easily research in terms of the active organizations and individuals in the social justice, environmental health and performance, and indigenous people's issues areas, this interactive, explorable, editable set of relationships will then serve as foundation for a larger discourse. Then we'll all decide where to go next! 

Curating Emerging Design Innovation


Check out work from some amazing students we work with: https://sustainabilitynexus.wordpress.com



Sustainable Enterprises Vision for the Philadelphia Region: We are cowriting a document that paints the first truly integral picture of a set of enterprises that could regenerate Philly into its fuller potential of again becoming the nation's and world's hotbed of system change. More will be available about this soon. 



Evergreen philosophy articles, press releases, and the occasional satire piece.