Our Team

Max Zahniser

Founder and Executive Director

Max has a broad background in sustainability and green building consulting, education, and design, and a near obsession with seeing systems and how they COULD work.

Glenna Stone

Founder and Board Member

Glenna has a deep background in corporate process improvement, and has a successful interior design firm. Sustainability Nexus is founded upon some of the concepts of her masters thesis.

Erik Porse

Founder and Board Member

Erik is an acoustic engineer, intelligence consultant, urban water systems analyst?! Long time systems upgrader, and willing to do a lot of the paperwork too!

Jen Hombach

Community Curator

Jen is an accomplished and passionate activist and environmental leader, a yogi, environmental economics nerd, and a community builder. Leading the charge in forming our community every day!  

Mohammd Qudos

Sustainable Designer

Qudos is master of all media! Designing and analyzing performance of buildings and their spaces, and developing mixed media to educate the world about it all. 

Katie Stevens

Eco Evangelist 

A recent B.S. Biology graduate from Lafayette College with a minor in Environmental Science and a passion for sustainability, energy efficiency, and the environment. And she's one of those crazy crew people. 


Jaspreet Bhullar

JP is a graduate student studying Sustainable Design at Jefferson University, East Falls campus. She is a sustainability enthusiast with a desire to continue her learning process through actionable steps. Her background in Urban Planning and minor in Landscape Architecture allow her to analyze sustainable imperatives at the city scale.

Sapana Mandore

Sapana believes in sustainability not only for the environment, but for humanity as well. She's currently volunteering as a Sustainability Analyst, bringing a wide range of skill sets and educational backgrounds, and always thrives to learn more. Sapana believes in karma and wants to do good, respect everyone, and be peaceful!

Alexandria Sasek

Currently a Drexel Urban Strategy Masters student. Perpetual environmentalist and feminist. B.A. in Russian & Eastern European Studies, minors in Women & Gender Studies, and Planning, Public Policy, and Management. Can be usually found outside or rushing to catch the next train.